Download HelpGear by clicking the link below:
Executable file HelpGear 6.4 (Build 16.1107, .EXE file, 28 MB)
md5sum: 88bcbbd79412172836532e19cfa6963f

Help Compilers

Download and install Microsoft® HTML Help Workshop. It is required for compiling HTML Help (.CHM files) with HelpGear.
Executable file HTML Help Workshop (.EXE file, 3.5 MB)

Microsoft Core XML Services (MSXML)

Download and install Microsoft Core XML Services (MSXML) if it is not installed on your system (for example, on Windows 2000).

Spell Checker Dictionaries

How to Install a Spell Checker Dictionary

You should download a dictionary from our website and extract the zip archive first. Then simply run it (for example, by double-clicking on it). Restart HelpGear in case it is running. In HelpGear you will see the installed dictionaries in Tools|Options->Spelling.